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On November 1st. we rolled out a new menu across our locations, adding a Snack and Large Plate section in addition to the OG tacos you know and love. La Carnita’s Executive Chef, Jon Hamilton gives the details on these new items.  


The dish I’m most anticipating on this new menu is the vegan crispy Sweet Potato Taco. I’m not vegan, however, I’m excited about it because we’re seeing an increase in meatless guests. I wanted to make sure we’re not just modifying something for them that’s not as good as it can or should be. I decided to make a taco from scratch that was 100% vegan and is just as good as all the other items on the menu.”

The snack section of the menu was inspired by some of the kitchen’s favourite things that fit on small plates.

We thought that adding these items was a fun way to have a new offering that was flavourful and shareable and a little different from the regular taco menu.

The Barbacoa Pork Ribs have been a fan favourite for a long time. After a brief period of removing them from the menu, it caused outrage by staff and guests alike so it was a pretty obvious choice to add them as an everyday item on our new Large Plates menu.


Some of the ingredients from our menu don’t fit into a traditional Mexican restaurant and some things do. At its heart, I see La Carnita as a taqueria inspired by Mexican street food meets LA street/taco culture (See L.A. Taco). I think this often gets categorized into the broader context of Mexican cuisine and also incorporates other cuisines with aspects of Latin America and South America. This style is heavily influenced by the ingredients and techniques people brought with them as they immigrated and with the traditional aspect of cooking using ingredients readily available in one’s specific area or region.   


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